Landslagsspelare till Djurgården!

Bryan Alberts är klar för Djurgården Basket! 
Den amerikansk-holländska 196 cm långa allround-guarden kan spela på många positioner och representerar Hollands landslag. 24-åringen kommer från spel i den amerikanska collegebasketen där han spelat på topprankade Gonzaga och nu senast på Long Beach State där han snittade 10,5 poäng och 2,5 returer.

Coach Charles Barton:
”We are very excited to add Bryan Alberts to our roster. He is a multi skilled player on positions 1, 2 and 3. He is unique in as much as he is a rookie that has international experience because he plays for the Dutch National Team.”

Bryan Alberts:
”I’m very excited to join Djurgarden to start my professional career. I am excited to bring my skills of scoring and play making to help the team win games and at the end of the season championships. I believe this is a great fit for both me and the team that will bring great success. Thank you for this opportunity and trusting in me moving forward. I can’t wait to bring success with basketball to the city of Stockholm. Thank you again.”